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Communication Workshops

3-in-1 Introductory Workshops…Empower, Impact and Connect!

In all these communication workshops, you will be taught the power of coaching in the workplace by equipping yourselves with tools to empower you to become better communicators, more impactful and connected leaders. Develop further your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and help your subordinates more successfully “manage up” through increasing their power to positively influence organizational outcomes, raise their value in (you) their manager’s estimation, and progress in their careers.

As a Communications Coach, I will share some specific coaching tools to bridge your gap and reconnect you with your “soft skills” and empower your communication.   Together, we will create a personal toolbox that will give you greater impact on your surroundings, both professionally and personally in a nonjudgemental space that we create together.

Giving Feedback or Feedforward? (90 min)

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Feedforward seems a more appropriate term as we look at improving our productivity at work or becoming a better person. Many managers and leaders struggle with giving proper and effective feedforward to their teams and colleagues.  They feel uncomfortable, lack confidence or simply don’t have the right words.  “Soft skills” and clear communication are the foundations for great feedforward.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Effective listening
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Accountability
  • Delivering “feedforward”
  • Managing negative reactions

Leading Through Coaching (3 hours)

Coaching is becoming increasingly important and seen as a management skill set motivated by factors such as; fast growing technology, globalization, economic shifts, competition for finding and keeping talent. Leadership is changing, as are management styles and we are seeing many transformations from the “top-bottom” approach to adapting more towards a collaborative approach and working with employees to hear their voices. Leaders are getting to know their colleague’s needs, wants, obstacles, wishes, requirements by using their “soft skills” and tapping into their Emotional Intelligence, not only empowering themselves but their surroundings and reconnecting them with their teams and empowering their own communication.

As a Communications Coach, I share powerful coaching tools that can be implemented on a daily basis, not only at work but also in your personal lives. Together, we will focus on reconnecting you with your “soft skills”, developing further your Emotional Intelligence and empowering your communication by:

  • Exploring and shifting new perspectives
  • Changing how you communicate
  • Target hidden fears or obstacles
  • Creating your personal toolbox
  • Helping you build connections

Unleashing Your Inner Leader (90 min)

As managers your work involves leading others and the most important thing you can do every day is to empower your team members to experience progress in a meaningful way.

This workshop is about reconnecting you with your inner authority and your “soft skills” to empower you to be better communicators and navigate through such challenges as:

  • Turning people down sensitively and avoiding a “NO” answer
  • Giving constructive feedback or bad news with tact
  • Dealing with difficult people and complaints
  • Communicating with clarity and briefness
  • Eliminating negative thinking

Stepping Into Other Shoes (90 min)

People’s attitudes in the workplace directly affect job performance, teamwork, creativity, leadership, decision-making, turnover and negotiations. Understanding how positive and negative attitudes affect the workplace is an important tool in creating a harmonious workplace, beginning with your communication and especially, your own perspectives.

Stepping into other people’s shoes is what many of us do not do naturally. We gravitate among like-minded people, part of our comfort zone.  Diversity is useful and enriching.  The greater the differences, the greater the possibilities for learning and creating something new together within teams and among teams.

Together we will:

  • shift your point of view
  • experience new perspectives
  • stretch into new awareness about perception
  • expand your curiosity
  • learn to listen effectively

Understanding Yourself and Others (90 min)

Before we can understand others and what makes them tick, we need to understand ourselves first and who we are. This interactive workshop will focus on reconnecting with your own personal values through soft skills, Emotional Intelligence and discovering new perspectives through better communication.

Knowing your values can empower you to make decisions, communicate them and answer questions such as:

  • Should I accept this?
  • Should I start?
  • Should I compromise or be firm?
  • What makes s/he react that way?
  • How did they reach that decision?
  • What makes them so outspoken?


Frequently Asked Questions:

What soft skills can we expect to explore?

Listening, curiosity, intuition, self-management, empathy, accountability, vulnerability, compassion, motivation.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence is about our ability to recognize, identify, appropriately read and express personal emotions and then articulating them.

Who should attend?

Department heads, line managers, senior executives.

What language are the workshops taught in?

Workshops are taught in English. Requests in French is possible.

Where do the workshops take place?

Onsite training, your location, internationally.

How many people per workshop?

Max 10pp.

Is there a reason these workshops are maximum three hours?

Yes, attention spans and information overload are common factors during longer trainings. These short workshops focus on one theme and do not take away too much time from the workplace.

What will “Coaching Conversations” with your colleagues do for you?

Enjoy more work, empower your team to “own it”, stronger bonds between you and your team, support them to develop skills needed to perform at their peak, your team will feel more worthy and appreciated, you will hear the voice of the team.

How do you align and measure these skills to the bigger picture at work?

These introductory workshops are to create awareness for the participants. If companies wish to take the workshops at a deeper level, we can further collaborate.

About Me

  • Mother tongue French, educated in Canada
    and France, of a Russian family
  • Worked and lived in France, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Married to a Dutch/Hungarian husband, presently living in Hungary with our three children

Passions are: Family, friends, inspirational people, storytelling, travel, food, Gypsy music, Russian and Italian composers, photography, writing, Nordic walking, sun