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Unleashing Your Inner Leader (90 min)

As managers your work involves leading others and the most important thing you can do every day is to empower your team members to experience progress in a meaningful way.

This workshop is about reconnecting you with your inner authority and your “soft skills” to empower you to navigate through such challenges as:

  • Turning people down sensitively and avoiding a “NO” answer
  • Giving constructive feedback or bad news with tact
  • Dealing with difficult people and complaints
  • Eliminating negative thinking
  • Communicating with clarity and briefness

About Me

  • Mother tongue French, educated in Canada
    and France, of a Russian family
  • Worked and lived in France, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Married to a Dutch/Hungarian husband, presently living in Hungary with our three children

Passions are: Family, friends, inspirational people, storytelling, travel, food, Gypsy music, Russian and Italian composers, photography, writing, Nordic walking, sun