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Keeping a New Year’s resolution year round

2015. 01. 04.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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Day 7 of 2015 and probably “so far so good” with your New Year’s resolutions. You are feeling good, disciplined, and on the right track.  What happens to you next Monday when you are back in your second week at work, driving children to school again and plunging into a familiar routine?  How do you plan to keep this optimism going for longer than a few more days or weeks or a month? If you are Orthodox, you get a second chance next week, if you are not, maybe a good time to tweak your resolution?

Resolutions are about priorities and as we all know, we need to prioritise in order to reach our goals.  Through Life Coaching, I have really learned and understood this process and especially, to notice the impact multitasking has on me and my surroundings.  What happens to you when you are doing too much at once?  What do you notice?

My signals are clear; sore shoulders and neck, my posture slouches, I lose eye contact with whoever I am speaking, I eat too fast, I don’t smile, my answers are brief and I become quite bitchy – not good for anyone!  What are your signals?

When juggling all your balls, you need to decide which one matters the most, just like in Life Coaching.   You don’t want to just check a box after a workout or after drinking 1 litre of water or after having made small talk with a colleague, so you can feel good about yourself.  Or maybe you do?

Do you want a REAL long lasting change with a clear impact?

Here are my 7 suggestions for REALLY keeping a resolution:

  1. Meaningful Goal: choose what you really want and ask yourself a few times why you really want it?  For your children, grandchildren, your team, your company?
  2. Positivity: if your goal is positive, it will be easier to manage it during more challenging times as you know the positive outcome it will have.
  3. Focus: on the action and progress and not on the result.  Take small steps everyday and be consistent.  Notice that impact on you and how you process it.
  4. Present: be present in this moment, now.
  5. Saboteur: notice when your Inner Critic, your Saboteur, creeps us (read more Saboteurs love good plans, ideas, goals and will do anything to get in the way and tell you, you can’t do it!
  6. Captain: we all have an Inner Authority, a Captain, (read more ) who helps keep us on track. Who is your Captain?
  7. Accountability:  in Life Coaching, accountability is key and I hold all my clients accountable for their chosen actions.  Share your goal with someone and ask them to hold you accountable.

The choice is yours. Pick just one ball and focus on it and imagine where you will be in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from now. How will that look like and feel like?

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Who is Your Captain?

2014. 10. 18.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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What happens at work or at home when you have doubts, questions, uncertainties about something?  Many of us turn to a friend, family member, confident or a colleague. You may not be aware of it, but each one of us has a powerful resource within, that we can refer to as our Captain.

Your Captain is your Inner Authority, a forward looking visionary who is in charge and leads you where you want to go, both professionally and personally.  Your Captain’s key attributes are; courage, determination, clarity, empathy and insight.  Your Captain is there, whenever you need it, no matter what the situation or feeling is.  Your Captain is grounded, daring, patient, caring, encouraging, loving and is fully dedicated to you, and only you.

Another great thing about your Captain is that it is a Saboteur buster (see Blog Who is Your Saboteur?).

So, how can you tap into this Captain of yours and make a connection?  Your Captain does not necessarily need to be a person, it can also be an animal or an object.

Four Effective Steps to Connect with your Captain:

1) Values: Who or what in your life do you admire or find inspiration from?  Which of their values attract you? Name this Captain.

2) Visualise: What does this Captain look like? Sound like? Move like? Smell like? Feel like?

3) Notice: What stands out about your Captain? What is it like being with your Captain? Notice your reactions

4) Gift: Your Captain has a gift, what is it? Name it, try to bring it to life and hold onto it.

This is your Inner Authority, the leader within you.  Your Captain believes in you totally and knows how to move you forward and into action towards your goal.  Whenever you are stuck with a challenge, tap into your Captain first and then your other resources, if needed.

Curious about a new perspective and finding out more about your Captain?  Contact me for some coaching and we will make your Captain come to life!