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Being Authentic Through a Video

2014. 11. 15.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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So after two months in the process, three retakes in different locations, two different crews, my video is finally done, what an achievement!  It is just over one minute and the idea is that viewers can see who I am, what I look like and how I sound.  Either you will like it and feel a connection towards me or you won’t.  In Coaching, a connection with a Life Coach is vital.

This video took under three hours to film and the amount of mistakes I made, took probably two hours (or it seemed like it!).  I forgot my lines, my words, my thoughts, I froze, I laughed, I was nervous and then I was simply tired.

Although the video came out well at the end, I decided to show my authentic self and add another 50 sec video about my Bloopers (mistakes I made). What you will see is the authentic me.

No one is perfect, we all try our best, we learn from our successes and failures, and we keep going.  Humour is a value of mine and now, I want to honour it fully. It is important to be able to laugh, but it is even more important to be able to laugh at yourself!

Do you enjoy laughing at yourself?

First the actual video….

….and now my Bloopers!




Who is Your Captain?

2014. 10. 18.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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What happens at work or at home when you have doubts, questions, uncertainties about something?  Many of us turn to a friend, family member, confident or a colleague. You may not be aware of it, but each one of us has a powerful resource within, that we can refer to as our Captain.

Your Captain is your Inner Authority, a forward looking visionary who is in charge and leads you where you want to go, both professionally and personally.  Your Captain’s key attributes are; courage, determination, clarity, empathy and insight.  Your Captain is there, whenever you need it, no matter what the situation or feeling is.  Your Captain is grounded, daring, patient, caring, encouraging, loving and is fully dedicated to you, and only you.

Another great thing about your Captain is that it is a Saboteur buster (see Blog Who is Your Saboteur?).

So, how can you tap into this Captain of yours and make a connection?  Your Captain does not necessarily need to be a person, it can also be an animal or an object.

Four Effective Steps to Connect with your Captain:

1) Values: Who or what in your life do you admire or find inspiration from?  Which of their values attract you? Name this Captain.

2) Visualise: What does this Captain look like? Sound like? Move like? Smell like? Feel like?

3) Notice: What stands out about your Captain? What is it like being with your Captain? Notice your reactions

4) Gift: Your Captain has a gift, what is it? Name it, try to bring it to life and hold onto it.

This is your Inner Authority, the leader within you.  Your Captain believes in you totally and knows how to move you forward and into action towards your goal.  Whenever you are stuck with a challenge, tap into your Captain first and then your other resources, if needed.

Curious about a new perspective and finding out more about your Captain?  Contact me for some coaching and we will make your Captain come to life!