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Producing a Compelling Life Coaching Video

2015. 02. 08.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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Life Coaching Budapest Video

“As a Life Coach from Budapest, you need to make a video of yourself for your website,” some of my mentors suggested.  Producing a compelling Life Coaching video is daunting.  “People like to connect and they need to see who you are and how you sound before thinking of hiring some Life Coaching from Budapest.”

I postponed the idea till my Life Coaching website was done and even my web designer said, “you know what would be good on your website, a video of you speaking.”  OK, got the message.

Being photographed for my website was already a hurdle, as I do not like having my picture taken at all, especially if the focus is only on me.  I did not want make-up, nor a hair stylist nor a special dress code. I wanted to be me, natural and authentic.  You like me how I am or you don’t, not very marketing like I know.

The thought of making a Life Coaching video, already gave me knots in my stomach and sweaty palms. I have never done this and speaking into a camera so close up appeals to me even less, let alone to know that I can be exposed to the whole world – I cherish privacy.  I found a young team who guided me through the steps, advised me on my delivery, my content and my timing and I bit the bullet, completely stepping out of my comfort zone.

For my 1:07 min video, we filmed for less than 3 hours.  As much as I knew my script, I had a hard time to focus, breathe, speak slowly, and simply remember my lines as I felt anxious and vulnerable.  The team was great and patient and finally it was done.  The final product came out well and although I may appear natural and give the impression I have done this before, it was a challenge! In fact, it was so challenging, that I decided to also add my Bloopers to my website, in a separate video, to show viewers that it was not easy, that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes.

My 10 tips for first timers:


  1. Keep it to under 1:30 min
  2. Practice, practice, practice…video yourself from your phone, speak in front a mirror
  3. Wear what you are comfortable in and ask if you need to hide a microphone on you or not
  4. Speak slowly and breathe (which means your text needs to be short and to the point)
  5. Film in a room that you like, where you feel at ease, preferably natural light, no noises or echos
  6. Have your text nearby or ask someone to prompt you if needed
  7. Prepare yourself for repetition, interruptions, moments of frustrations
  8. Smile – smiles are attractive and releases stress on your face
  9. Laugh out loud and laugh at yourself – no one is perfect!
  10. Imagine the feeling already now when the video is done

Most importantly, have fun with it.  Here are my Bloopers and for a more serious video on my Life Coaching from Budapest, just go to my HOME page.







The Power of Choice

2014. 10. 25.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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As I began writing tomorrow’s coaching blog on the curiosity of Mindfulness, I got totally distracted at the the thought of how much I was enjoying being home alone without my husband and children for the last 2 days.  Here I am on a Friday night, sitting on our favourite sunken couch, in front of a roaring fire with a Kir Royal, listening to Spotify from my computer, having just had a coaching sample session on Skype.

What am I noticing? My coaching, awareness and curiosity kicks in.  The silence in the house, the smell of the fireplace, the sound of the crackling wood, my breathing, my heartbeat, my slouching posture, the bubbles bursting in my mouth and how utterly relaxed I feel and connected to myself.

My husband has sent me a great photo of his walk with the kids in pouring rain, my daughter called me a few times during my Skype coaching session and we SMSd each other goodnight, I know they are all well with their grandparents and they know I am well at home.

There are a few of perspectives one could have to this;

Guilty perspective: feeling bad that I chose not stay in the countryside longer with my family, spending more time with our children during this school break, catching up with my parents-in-law, supporting my husband by taking more interest in his farming challenges due to bad weather.  Maybe I should have stayed? My Saboteur is awake.

Me perspective:  I am happy that I returned home, had quality time with the children at the beginning of the holidays, I smile looking back at our 35 km biking trip we all did along the Danube on Monday, loved our DVD family evening last weekend.  I am feeling happy, satisfied, loved, totally relaxed and living at my pace.  Can’t wait for them to pick me up tomorrow to go out for lunch together!

Achievement perspective: In an empty house, I spent hours cleaning and sorting piles, removing all expired foods, spices, vinegars from the cupboards, did a huge food shopping, worked on a new script for my website’s video, caught up on emails, read many articles and had a couple of sample sessions.  I am energised, I feel I have achieved so much, I am proud and I don’t need to roll my eyes when I see a pile of “stuff” lying around (long may that last!).

The reaction I chose is the “me perspective.”  As a parent, we have so much to juggle everyday and our challenge is to keep those balls in the air always going. The last 2 days reminded me to put those balls down, rest my arms, my eyes, my head and take time for me.  I am aware that not everyone has a similar opportunity, so find a space which is yours and only yours, close the door, and connect with yourself, even if it is for a short time.

We make choices every day in our lives, but some can be made consciously. To be aware of choices is to be aware of the power of choosing.  You are fully in charge of your choices!  

To discover that power, contact me for a coaching session and you can expect your awareness to be boosted and more….

Vulnerability Twice in Two Hours

2014. 09. 19.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions
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I have just stepped out of my comfort zone BIG TIME, by being photographed professionally and making a video for the launching of my website. I felt a sense of excitement and great vulnerability as I reached my challenge and goal.

“Do you have a make-up artist or shall we arrange one?” asked the photographer. Make-up artist??? The only time I have worn make-up, in my life, was the day of our wedding, where the photographer begged me to at least have the “bare minimum”put on – I understood the impact of the wedding photos and so I agreed to…the “bare minimum.”

This time round, my choice and perspective was to stay natural.  I have defined wrinkles, my skin complexion is far from perfect and I could have used a haircut, but that is who I am and that is the impact I want to have.  I have nothing to hide, plus seeing that I had another hurdle in front of me after the photo session (the video), I needed to be bien dans ma peau (feel well about myself).

Public speaking is something I am familiar with, but to speak in front of a camera is not at all.  My mentors and coaches all encouraged me to make a video so that viewers can see who you are, feel your energy and connect with you.”  Practically speaking, I thought with a name like mine (full version Anna Jankovich de Jeszenice – Troubetzkoi) it may be good for viewers to hear that I do speak English with a neutral accent!

Vulnerability is a value that I have come to appreciate lately.   Luckily, it is never too late to make changes in one’s life and no one is perfect.  So here I am in “black and white.”