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Leading Through Coaching (3 hours)

In a fast moving world we cannot any longer rely on the top-down instructive approach to achieve the best results with our team and company. With coaching tools, you are able to empower your team and tap into the collective ‘brains and guts’ of the team in order to be agile as a company and realize the best possible performance.

As a business coach, I share powerful coaching tools that can be implemented on a daily basis, not only at work but also in your personal lives. Together, we will focus on reconnecting you with your “soft skills” and developing further your Emotional Intelligence by:

  • Exploring and shifting new perspectives
  • Changing how you communicate
  • Target hidden fears or obstacles
  • Creating your personal toolbox
  • Helping you build connections

About Me

  • Mother tongue French, educated in Canada
    and France, of a Russian family
  • Worked and lived in France, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Married to a Dutch/Hungarian husband, presently living in Hungary with our three children

Passions are: Family, friends, inspirational people, storytelling, travel, food, Gypsy music, Russian and Italian composers, photography, writing, Nordic walking, sun