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Anna is…


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC, ACC)

Anna is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute in London and presently attending the Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC).  Anna is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


“Anna has played an instrumental role in my continued growth as a manager. At the start of our time together we established a handful of goals I hoped to accomplish and by our last session we had covered everything and more. From finding my inner captain to asking curious questions and honing in on my values—Anna provided me with numerous new skills for my managerial toolbox that I now use on a daily basis. Thanks to Anna I am more confident in my role as a supervisor and feel that my ability to communicate effectively has improved significantly. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Anna and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a greater impact in their workplace.”  Elizabeth L. McKeveny, Senior Director, Annual Giving and Stewardship, Fordham Law School, USA

“Anna’s workshops are a great way for teams to take a step back, reconnect and reflect on values and leadership. I particularly liked Anna’s ability to run a short but tailored session for my team, which provided a perfect kick off for our offsite meeting.” Claire Roger, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, Hungary

“Anna organized a workshop for Nordic Ambassadors and Embassy staff in autumn 2015. We decided to participate without hesitation. The Nordic Co-operation has been a model for close, honest, transparent and effective way of collaboration. However, it became evident when working with Anna, that even this excellent Nordic way of interaction has room for improvement. Anna’s way of coaching builds on openness, excellent knowledge of cultures, inspiration and admirable sense of humor. I will never forget her motto: “Don’t  look back, you’re not going that way” – so true!”                                                  Pasi Tuominen, Director General for Consular Services, MFA Finland, former Ambassador of Finland to Hungary

“When I first asked Anna to run a workshop for my senior management, I wasn’t sure what the feedback would be. Surprisingly, I didn’t get feed-back but rather feed-forward from my team. My colleagues came out of those sessions looking ahead, solution oriented, and connected. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone facing growing up issues.”     Sunny Bhasin, CEO, UTB Enviro Tech, Hungary

“Thank you Anna for the communication training you gave us that was very positive.  The Anouk Foundation team as a whole could evolve positively since, as everyone is now more aware of their impact on the others and of their respective needs and wishes.  You managed to give everyone the space and safe-zone to express themselves and to take something positive home. In addition, your multi-cultural background allowed you to understand where we were all coming from as we represent many different nationalities and hence ways to react and express ourselves.”                                                         Vanessa von Richter, Co-director, Anouk Foundation, Switzerland

Individual Client References:

Embassies of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark in Hungary, World Economic Forum, Linex Systems, Vodafone Group Services, Anouk Foundation, UTB Envirotec, Siemens

About Me

  • Mother tongue French, educated in Canada
    and France, of a Russian family
  • Worked and lived in France, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Married to a Dutch/Hungarian husband, presently living in Hungary with our three children

Passions are: Family, friends, inspirational people, storytelling, travel, food, Gypsy music, Russian and Italian composers, photography, writing, Nordic walking, sun

Anna Jankovich was our partner in a project of Coaching for locally employed staff. We offer a large scale of courses and trainings, but I was aware of that Coaching would make a difference in increasing the motivational climate at the Embassy. Three months of Coaching sessions helped our employee to step out from the comfort zone, encouraging creativity and the support to identify alternative solutions helping to bring tasks and time closer, and a set of good tools facilitated to focus on the priorities. I can highly recommend anyone trying to increase the motivation and performance of the employees’ to provide Coaching sessions with Anna Jankovich.

Tove Skarstein
Ambassador of Norway to Hungary till 2015

Anna Jankovich has truly helped me in a time of transition as a diplomat and expatriate. Handling the stress and anxiety of moving, finding a new home in my home country, getting the kids into good schools and preparing for a new job!  Her coaching has really helped me focus on what is important. Our discussions and her professional questions made me sort the issues out and definitely lessened my worries. I can highly recommend anyone in distress to be coached by Anna Jankovich.

Karin Olofsdotter
Ambassador of Sweden to Hungary till 2014

Loved working together with Anna through Skype.  I am grateful for all coaching sessions with Anna to go through a very turbulent period in my life.  Anna is very intelligent and intuitively;  a true pleasure working with her.  She is a coach with diverse talents and capabilities.  Fore sure I keep in mind to work with her again in the future for business coaching.

I came in contact with Anna, when I went through one of the most challenging periods where not only job-wise, but also privately my world was turned upside down.  With the great support of the weekly coaching sessions with Anna, in four months time I changed my private life from negative to positive, moved to another city, and separated in the best manner from my old job and started successfully my dream job in a new city.

Manon S

As someone who feels quite confident and successful in many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally, I still firmly believe there is always room for improvement. Working with Anna was exactly that – she was able to quite quickly and efficiently support me on narrowing-down to a few key areas that needed both philosophical and practical refining. The insight she provided brought out new ways of looking at certain patterns of behaviour that were not beneficial and she motivated me to make positive adjustments. It has been a few months now since we worked together, and I am using her recommended tactics almost daily to stay on track.  It was a joy to work with Anna over Skype and across time zones. Thank you!

Alexandra Lopoukhine
Senior Community Manager, Civil Society
World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

Initially I was wary about Life Coaching and Life Coaches. I have always been a “I can sort it out myself” kind of a guy. But during a very stressful phase of my life, I was persuaded by some friends get in touch with Anna. She gained my confidence from the first meeting. Rather than telling me what was wrong and giving me solutions, she let me down a path of figuring it all out myself. Now that was genius!

Matthew Dickinson
Founder and CEO
Linex Systems, London

Working in the environment of multinational company is not easy and people tend to struggle find their own place. Anna thought me how to step back, breathe and think clearly in any situation. She helped me gain self awareness, which led to acknowledgement of my achievements without being humble, constantly thinking it is not enough. Anna is very straight forward person, who knows how to address all doubts you may have, but were afraid to say them out loud. She sees you and your problems right away hence your time together be very efficient. I am grateful for meeting Anna, because if today I would stand at the crossroad again, I know she would be the person to help me choose the right direction!

Lucie Jezkova
Marketing Manager for Vodafone Devices, Vodafone Group Services
Dusseldorf, Germany

Before our coaching sessions, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I didn’t know where to start, and it all seemed pretty overwhelming.  I could see the end goal, but I had no idea what to tackle first to actually get everything moving.  Anna helped me organise my thoughts, determine logical steps and establish a way to finally get started on my project.  I had all the answers already, she just helped me see them more clearly.  Our coaching sessions haven’t reduced the amount of time and effort I need to put into my project, but thanks to Anna’s coaching, I actually believe I’ll get there now.

Natacha Hesketh
CEO, Aleny Communications, Brussels, Belgium

Anna is an excellent coach: she listens attentively and then helps identify and/or create new tools for the issue discussed. The tools were so tailor made that I could use them immediately after EVERY session and clearly felt the progress.

Vanessa von Richter
Co-Founder, Anouk Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland

Before I began my sessions with Anna, I did not really believe that coaching could be that helpful to me. Sure, I knew that it has great benefits to have a coach and I would possibly even recommend it to others, but for me? Little did I know! After an overview of how it works during our initial session with Anna, I found myself immersed in… “me”: my life, my “why?”s, my “how?”s, actually eliminating some “if”s and quite a lot of other “baggage” that I hadn’t realised I was carrying around with me unnecessarily. Great for clarity, perspective, letting go of drama and for looking at situations that produce anxiety. I feel more empowered and I enjoy taking the time during our sessions to take stock, and gently moving the wheels of whatever I want to address towards the destination I want to go to.

Rosa von Furstenberg
Marketing, Victoria Walls Associates, London, England

I started coaching sessions with Anna, mainly out of curiosity. I believe that there should be a “click” between a coach and the coachee, and as I did not know Anna well, I did not really know what to expect. As soon as we started with the sessions, I felt that I was in good hands. I would like to say about Anna that she asks the right questions, she is a terrific listener. She used a number of different tools and exercises, what lead me to come to a handful of deeper insights about myself. We usually held our sessions over Skype, and this worked really well. The atmosphere remained upbeat and optimistic throughout the whole process. As a result, I can say that I became more reflective, that I reconnected with some of my deepest values, and that I became more self-aware. I very warmly recommend Anna to anyone looking for some “aha” moments!

Leen van Craen – Seghers
Expat Parent, Budapest, Hungary

My recent coaching sessions with Anna have been invaluable towards helping to get me through a very stressful period of my family life. Her coaching helped me on many different levels, in the planning of my goals, in cueing me to come up with my own concrete solutions to all problems, in putting my problems into perspective. I went from being extremely stressed to being in control of my future.  Anna is extremely patient and always guided me with great wisdom. I am extremely grateful.

Isabel Monreal Pinaud
Expat Parent, Chengdy, China

Anna coached me during some tough personal times. I was hesitant at first as I was not familiar with “Life Coaching”, but it was very therapeutic for me. She asked questions that made me think differently and enabled me to make real decisions to improve my life.  It was not about her telling me what to do; rather she encouraged me to find those answers from within.

Tricia Lines Hill
SVP, Business Development & Marketing, First Atlantic Commerce, Bermuda

If you want to find answers in your life, you need to ask the right questions first. With Anna, you can be sure that all the relevant questions will be addressed and you’ll be surprised to see that all the necessary answers are within you already – you just need a little help to find them. Anna does just that, and her coaching helped me to inflict a positive change on my life both on a personal and a professional level.

Adrienn Viragh
Parent, Budapest, Hungary

Coaching with Anna helped me realise that anything that is standing between me and my dreams is self limiting thoughts.  Anna helped me bring my ‘inner captain’ alive who is there for me in achieving what is most important and get me through difficulties.
I also learned that ‘being’ is just as important as ‘doing’ and by spending the quality time of being you can actually achieve more.   I greatly improved my ability to identify what I want instead of what others want for me to be – as a wife and a mother of three children, it is an important survival tool.
I enjoy my coaching sessions with Anna, as they always bring new realisations and put me on the fast track in achieving my goals.

Judit Rea
Parent, Budapest, Hungary

I began working with Anna when I felt like I was at a crossroads in my life.  I knew where I had come from, but I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go, or how to navigate that journey in light of the transient nature of my husband’s work.  Through our coaching sessions, I realized that I wanted to leave my job, which was a toxic environment, and fulfill my dream of becoming a writer.  Working with Anna helped me to unlock potential that I carried within myself, as she gave me the tools to recognize my own voice and to silence my inner saboteur.  Our sessions allowed me to brainstorm ways to handle the difficult changes I was progressing through.  My saboteur no longer steers my ship and I am proud to say that I am writing my first book!  Anna helped me look at obstacles and challenges in such a light as to make them surmountable – I highly recommend her!

Megan A
Parent, Boston, USA

Anna has a  very sensible no nonsense approach to her coaching in which she helps you look at a “problem” from a different perspective, and then gives you the tools to address an issue which effectively break it down or make it disappear all together.

Larissa Dickinson
Expat Parent, Dulmen, Germany

“Four years ago, after reviewing my personal and professional life, I made the following decision; I need to improve my assertiveness!  Having participated in carefully selected trainings, I became more aware about certain aspects in myself and how important good family relationships are.  Having identified the problems and challenges, in our families, I tried my familiar problem solving solutions, but got stuck. The coaching process with Anna gave me the result I wanted.  I have become more assertive through increasing my self-confidence! I have new tools to use for positive attitudes in life. With coaching, I can manage my life with a balanced state of mind.”

Adrienn Nemeth
Conference Organizer, Budapest, Hungary

“Anna is very straight forward in her coaching attitude, in her thinking and in her style of delivering actions; therefore she is able to assess the personal needs and design a clear and fitting process to your own development throughout the coaching. She encourages you, with all her fantastic positive energy and keeps you focused on your own goals, along with her charismatic ability to lead. You would be pleasantly surprised that her coaching leaving you with even brighter realizations and results you have hoped for.”

Judit Hildegard Hajos
Executive Director of the Innovation Project, Director of External Relations, Central European University
Budapest, Hungary