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Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions


Name It, Share It, Move It

Back to reality after the summer holidays.  For many of us, it feels like the real “New Year.”  We come back home with fresh ideas, energies, clarity, plans and actions.

I was fortunate to have been able to spend more time with many friends and cousins.  As we shared updates in our lives, many opened up to me with challenges they are facing in variety of relationships. Some feel lost, scared, frustrated, sad and not at ease.  The common denominator is that they are choosing to deal with their issues by “sweeping it under the carpet”, ignoring it.

If you are OK with that and it is not an obstacle in your life, that may be the right choice for you.  If you suffer from that, this does not help, it hurts.

Many people do not like conflict.  They fear the other person’s reactions.  The truth may be too painful to hear, the consequences may be terrible.  They may also feel it is not a priority and everyone hopes that there is another way of resolving an issue.  We want to manage expectations.  Sometimes, they are not met resulting in disappointment. In my coaching and workshops, this is a common problem.

Here are some questions that can give you another perspective:


  • What exactly are you sweeping under the carpet?
  • Does your carpet represent something or someone?
  • What do you gain from sweeping something under that carpet?
  • What are you losing by doing that?
  • Which tools do you need to lift that carpet?

You can live 95% of your life full-on and enjoy every moment of it, however, the other 5% that you have chosen to ignore and that has caused you pain, will at some point come back in your life haunting you.

To keep things in perspective, there are always other opportunities that present themselves that we did not expect.

The choice is yours, what do you want?