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Keeping Perspectives

2016. 07. 17.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions

Let’s Not Lose Perspective


This week was a week of perspectives as I travelled for a long weekend along the Italian coast visiting with three different friends and then carried on overnight to Austria where I reconnected with some family friends I had not seen in over 15 years. The visits were all far too short, especially that everyone of them shared with me their present challenges from mourning, to separation, to divorce to strained family relationships.  I felt honored and happy that they could all open to me as a friend, not as a Coach and I hope that I could share with them new perspectives, as well as putting things into perspective presenting it as a gift. 

It is so easy for us to lose perspective in our daily challenges and everything appears to be going from bad to worse.  When we experience a setback, perspective is often the first cause for a meltdown.  Setbacks are unavoidable. As hard as they are, they make us stronger and develop us.  We can only grow if we maintain perspective.

As many of us spend some holiday time with our families or in-laws this summer, keep perspectives in mind and take some steps back to look at the bigger picture.  I know I will and this week, my friends gave me a gift…appreciation.

We all experience failure in our lives and we all have a choice between whether to get up when we fall down or keep moving forward.