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Different Lenses, New Perspectives

2016. 04. 17.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions

New Perspectives



This photo was taken last week during our family vacation in Barcelona. We had just entered the impressive Sagrada Familia. I lead the family inside and walked directly to a side wall, so as to not stand in the middle of the crowds.  Turning around, I found myself alone, as the four of them stood together near the crowds, each facing a different direction and taking their own pictures.  I waved to them to come over, as to get a more panoramic view, which from my angle was stunning.  No one paid attention, nor moved from their positions.  Feeling a moment of frustration, I walked towards them and looked up at each of their perspectives observing details and colors that I could not see from my viewpoint. We showed and shared each other’s pictures and discussed what we liked about them.  We then decided together, where to walk too next and how we would go about the tour.  We all agreed and enjoyed the rest of our breathtaking visit soaking in Gaudi’s work and vision.

When we take a perspective on something, we have beliefs and opinions.  A perspective is like a powerful filter that allows us to see only certain things and makes predictions based on these assumptions that belong to that perspective.  If something is not part of that perspective, then it is invisible or not valid and this becomes limiting.

Ever had an email exchange with someone when you thought it was written in a good tone and the other person got upset or offended by it?  Know anyone whose mindsets are so fixed that seeking solutions together seems impossible?  What impact has a destructive relationship had on you due to a lack of other perspectives?

Perspectives open our eyes and minds, they put us in other people’s shoes. We are taught, among many things, to suspend judgement, to listen, to be curious and to self-manage ourselves.  We work as a team, build and together move forward to reach goals. Without the ability to shift perspectives, we don’t grow and we don’t learn.  Without such shifts, we remain in the status quo and can feel frustrated, bitter, stuck and lonely.

What holds you back from looking at your life with different lenses?