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2016. 03. 14.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions

1d593433-fb88-4a5b-93fe-7ec70b599c0aHolding on or…

When my daughter showed me this photo that she found on Instagram, it resonated with me instantly, in fact, so much so that for a second I noticed a physical reaction…warm and serene. I smiled.  Having struggled for many years with a family relationship, seeking guidance, working on myself, becoming a Coach, I chose to let go.  It does not mean that I no longer care or no longer love, but sometimes holding on seems to cause more damage.

Last week, I was in Geneva giving two workshops and the theme of “letting go” came up consistently.  I also notice this with my clients and friends. Letting go control as a parent giving your child space, letting go as a manager delegating the work to others, letting go of a project that is only depleting your energy, letting go of a relationship that only gives you pain, letting go of a job that no longer fulfills you, letting go of someone you love.

Letting go can only come after YOU know YOU have invested a lot of work, energy, efforts, emotions and reflections into a specific situation or relationship. If you have not made that long personal investment, you are giving up.  If you choose the easy way out, you cannot expect to move forward feeling good about yourself. Your issue will continue creeping up and dragging you around.

What are you waiting for?  An apology? Are you so convinced of yourself that you need to continue standing firm no matter what? Do you feel victimized? Have you failed at something?  Does the grieving feel endless? Is your ego your obstacle?

Some of us think that holding on makes us stronger, but sometimes it is letting go.  It is not easy to do.  Trust your intuition and when that time comes, you may reach the serenity that I felt when I saw this drawing.

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