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The Impact of “Me Time”

2016. 02. 07.
Anna Jankovich
Anna Jankovich
Coaching Transitions


“Me Time”

“Me time” can be a challenge for many people and recently, several of my clients are struggling with this.  They are juggling too many balls at the same time, complaining of exhaustion, noticing their mood changes and the impact it is having on themselves and their surroundings.

Not only does “me time” give you focus, self-awareness, clarity for decision making, disconnection from your hectic surroundings, boosting your creativity, among many things, it has a mirror effect on others. We want the best for our loved ones and that they love and respect each other and value their own lives. By showing them the importance of taking some “me time,” we are teaching them how to value and care for their own lives as well.

If you value “me time,” it can suggest that you value and respect yourself. You enjoy your own company, you feel at ease with yourself and those around you are likely to notice this, and value and respect you in return. If you are constantly on the go, running around like a headless chicken, always doing things for others and never taking the time to prioritize taking care of yourself, people are likely to pick up on this and treat you accordingly.

What is the impact you want on yourself? What is the impact you want on others?

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