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Concerned about speaking out?

Don’t be. In Coaching Transitions, we create a safe and confidential setting for you to be heard, from the very beginning of our partnership till the end of our coaching. In coaching, judgements are suspended and opinions are not given; nor does the Coach instruct its clients. During our coaching sessions, you are in the driver’s seat and I am sitting next to you, helping you navigate towards your destination, till the end of the journey.

Need Clarity?

Coaching helps you explore and look at your life from other valuable perspectives. You will identify key areas of your life that require change.

Feeling Stuck?

Coaching targets hidden fears and helps you overcome these obstacles and moving you forward towards your goals.

Need Your Own Action Plan?

Through designing your own tools, we will develop a plan of action and as a Coach, I will hold you accountable and empower you to make the changes you want.

The Core of Coaching Transitions

  • Step out of your comfort zone and be ready to embrace change
  • Focus entirely on the path forward, not attempting to resolve existing issues
  • Follow-through on your action plan – no excuses!

Mind the Gap – The Soft Skills One!

  • Have many managers but few leaders?
  • Want to promote a colleague but s/he lacks confidence?
  • Easy to get clients but difficult to retain them?
  • Ready to take your team over an edge but not everyone is aligned?
  • Have a high performer but can have a toxic behavior?

Sounds like you have a “soft” skills gap in your communication. “Soft” skills are skills that people use to communicate and interact with individuals in an organizational environment to build positive relationships. Unlike “hard” skills, which includes the person’s technical skills set and the ability to perform certain functional tasks, “soft” skills are about connecting with people, having an impact and empowering them to reach their best performance and be better communicators. Managers who use emotional information in the workplace have a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and are better balanced leaders. They know themselves very well, and they’re also able to sense the emotional needs of others.

As leaders or managers, you may not be in your position if it was not for your team(s) who support you. So what about your colleagues? How do you empower them? How can you improve your Emotional Intelligence in supporting them? How do you communicate?

How do you rate yourself in these areas, on a scale from 1-10?


During the workshops, you will be made aware of the power of coaching in the workplace by equipping yourselves with tools to empower you to become better communicators and more impactful, connected leaders. Learn to develop your Emotional Intelligence and help your colleagues in turn to create their own tools and become more productive, engaged in their work and empowering them to be better communicators.

Join me for 5 short introductory 3-in-1 communications workshops…Empower, Impact and Connect!

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Coaching Transitions offers a variety of services:

As an Expat, this means stepping out of you comfort zone, which is not always easy. Coaching Transitions works with clients to shift perspectives, eliminate negative thinking, clarify value differences and create a new set of tools for a new environment.

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Relocation does not necessarily mean moving to a new country. It can also mean relocating back "home", which after many years of living abroad, can be a huge adjustment. Coaching supports clients to build their new life and view their new chapter as an opportunity rather than a series of problems and challenges.

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Based in Budapest, my clients are globally minded people professionals and parents, who are navigating cross-cultural exchanges. They all find themselves overloaded by competing demands as they juggle their careers, families, aging parents, health, parenting or relocation challenges. Together through Life Coaching, we reach your goals and assure a better balance and fulfillment in your life!

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Monthly workshops are organized in person for a maximum of 10 participants at a time, both in Budapest and abroad. Companies can request a workshop to be designed for their needs. For more information or to join Coaching Transitions' workshop mailing list, send an email to

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Parenting is a joy but can also come with its challenges and as a parent, it is not always easy for us to keep “cool, calm and collective.” Through Coaching, parents will realize valuable new perspectives, target hidden fears and obstacles, delete unconscious saboteur thinking, unlock stuck emotions and achieve fulfillment.

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Online Coaching with Skype is as effective as coaching in person. Without visuals, Online Coaching allows us to really tune into the conversations, words, emotions without having disturbances and gives us both the space we want. It gives more flexibility in our schedules and no travel time needed . Over 80% of my Coaching takes place on Skype.

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Expectations, communications, reactions can vary between non-Central Eastern Europeans and locals. Coaching in Central and Eastern Europe can bridge such gaps and provide all cultures the clarity they need to move forward and work together in a harmonious environment.

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Business Coaching works when you are ready for change, for taking risks and shifting your energies and perspectives. As partners, we work together in a safe and confidential setting and work on empowering your leadership, regardless of your position in the company.

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